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-The Syria campaign: more than 250 leading academics and experts have signed an open letter to the UN calling on an international ban on the sale of Syrian artifacts.

- The Association for the protection of Syrian Archaeology (APSA) has launched a website to gather and publish news about threats and damages to Syrian archeologial and historical heritage.

Members of the APSA are primarily volunteers who are eager to contribute to the safeguarding of [their] Syrian heritage.
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 Blue Shield UK statement on Syria (July 2013)
the UK National Committee of the Blue Shield has passed information  produced by Heritage for Peace, an NGO based in Spain.

Blue Shield US Statement on the Destruction of Syria's Cultural Heritage (August 2012)
Recent media reports, as well as first-hand reports from Syria posted to social media and other Internet sources, recount the killing and wounding of innocent civilians and the alarming destruction and looting of cultural heritage sites during the current civil war in Syria.
Some of these sites are designated World Heritage Sites of outstanding universal significance under the 1972 World Heritage Convention.Other sites appear to be at imminent risk.

In June 2014 the separatist organization Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)  from the north of the country took actions against government forces.

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ICOMOS condemns destructions Tunisia

" [....] Following the previous statements on the planned destruction of sacred heritage sites in Libya and Mali;

ICOMOS condemns the recent destructions of Sufi cultural heritage in Tunisia and continued threats to this heritage in several countries of the region".