nav shield Blue Shield Austria calls for a stop on the High-rise Project on Heumarkt in Vienna
The Ringstrasse ensemble, an unparalleled example of the interplay of outdoor spaces and magnificent buildings, is at risk of being opened up to speculative development.
A project for a luxury apartment building has been proposed in the heart of the World Heritage Site, located directly on Vienna’s Heumarkt between the Konzerthaus and the Stadtpark.

Pettitioners strongly oppose the redevelopment plans for the Heumarkt in the UNESCO listed Historic Centre of Vienna and demand:

1. that the re-zoning process be stopped immediately

2. that the developer return to square one and that the new design be in compliance with UNESCO guidelines

3. that there be no annexation of public property and that the Wiener Eislaufverein (Viennese Ice-skating Association), which presently
plays an important recreational role for a large segment of the population, also remain easily accessible to the public during the summer

4. that the “properties” and buffer zones of all of Vienna’s World Heritage Sites not be subject to re-zoning (i.e., permitting buildings to be
erected that are significantly taller than the present zoning allows) in the interest of private developers; these exemptions for World
Heritage Sites must be specified in the city’s official planning instruments (Management Plan, Master Plan Glacis, High-rise Concept)

5. full disclosure of all city-planning endeavors to ensure that public interests are protected.

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